Saturday , October 23 2021
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Messy Ponytails

Messy Ponytails

Messy hairstyles are on top right now: natural looks as if you’ve just woken up is right what you need. A messy ponytail is number one hairstyle for today: you can make it fast and easily, even on the go! Here are some messy ponytails that are welcome to make your look effortlessly chic.

A high messy ponytail is a cool idea – rock it with a messy bump, with textural hair, with waves in your ponytail. Hurrying up? Just make a fast high ponytail without even combing your hair much – here’s your effortlessly chic messy ponytail done!

A low ponytail can be done with waves, textures, even braids and braided elements. A messy and even braided bump is welcome, and you may even try a side messy ponytail. There are many every day and boho options among these, get inspired!